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2 0 1 7 - 2 0 1 8

New video and audio releases planned for 2019.

2 0 1 6

May 2016 : Video release on Youtube of 'Fractal'. Track release in December 2016 on 'Tík'.

March 1st 2016 : Release of 'TíK', 13 track, physical and digital format (TAT-007) Beautiful dark sub-space electronica featuring live analog synths, intricate beats, field samples and sparse vocals. These tracks were rearranged, remastered, with three new tracks (unavailable on the 2015 live streaming event). Includes a free downloadable 'lookbook' of specially commissioned artwork. For details see here

2 0 1 5

Dec 12th 2015 : A special pre-release live streaming of 13-track streamed pre-release mix of TíK (TAT-006). Tracks mixed and played live and also available free on SoundCloud.

December 2015 : Multimedia collaboration with BinaryGlow for outdoor gig at Lewis. Six video installations created to support music by BinaryGlow

July 2015 : Started ideas for 'Tík'. Several tracks started out on life a portastudio and recorded in some pretty strange places, like 33,000 ft somewhere over Iceland.

March 2015 : Collaboration and video release Acto Uno, Dos, Tres (TAT-005) Available free on SoundCloud.

2 0 1 4

January 2014 : Release of 'MU', 15 track, physical and digital format (TAT-003). A dark experimental mix of electronica featuring vintage analog synths, drum programming, live electronics, field samples and tape loops. For details see mu

2 0 1 3

February 2013 : Work started on new tracks for 'Mu', a much larger project that really should have been split releases. Studio rebuild; new sound sources added.

2 0 1 2

January 2012 : Video release of 'Bipolar' (TAT-003A). This track was released in 2014 on 'Mu' and features vintage analog gear with looped piano.

January 2012 : Collaborations on video and audio projects. Built portable studio to use for travelling and capturing ideas.

2 0 1 1

December 2011 : Release of 'OTSU' in 12-track, physical and digital format (TAT-002). Dark urban electronica featuring live analog electronics, field samples and modular synths. For details see here

September 2011 : Relocated and rebuilt studio (a major p-i-t-a)

2 0 1 0

December 2010 : Debut release of 'Falling Mass Static' a 6-track EP on Against It Records, Germany (TAT-001) Packaged as a split CD with Nathan Watson. Limited Edition. Physical CD only. For ordering see: www.againstit.de For details see here

November 2010 : Video release on Youtube of 'Strobe'. Track release in December 2011 on 'Otsu'. Dark sub-bass with live analog electronics.

November 2010 : Video release on Vimeo and Youtube of 'Falling Mass Static'. Track released on 'X12' in August 2010. This features some gorgeous dark grand piano looped over live electronics and field samples.

August 2010 : Heading towards winter... work started on new tracks for the first full release 'Otsu' as well as a split CD to be released on Against it Records.

June 2010 : First proper studio build of'Black Cube', England. Acquired some beautiful vintage Yamaha CS boards which somehow always seem to produce something extraordinary.

2 0 0 9

Jan-Dec 2009 : This started life as something else, with early recordings posted on Myspace (back when it worked for musicians), through several collaborations, including some cello kindly donated by the wonderful Christine Hanson.